San Francisco – The Bustling City For Sparkling Travelers


Beloved city, San Francisco, situated at an angled tip of a cape amidst the San Francisco Bay and Pacific coast. A dense city covered with sharp rolling hills, fenced on all three sides with water, acclaimed for its beautiful summer fogs, Victorian design buildings, cable cars and lovely vistas. That city where the hottest summer would seem like the coolest winter owing to its beautiful topography and climatic conditions. A city that brims with these awesome experiences delights the soul of the travelers.

A place for fine arts
Palace of fine arts is the only edifice remnant from 1915 world’s fair that features a conventional Roman tower with curved walkways located in a tranquil park setting based on a traditional European panache lagoon. A beautiful place to calm down, relax and have a look at the white swans that pass elegantly through the waters. The theater situated there offers varied cultural, musical and themed shows.

The pretty Alamo Square
A vivid suburban neighborhood and park acclaimed for its famous splattered row of Victorian houses along the eastern side of Steiner Street are the Alamo Square. These beautifully painted houses become the interesting feature of San Francisco’s postcard. The park encompasses a playground expanse, a tennis court that is often visited by tourists. On a bright day, the Transamerica pyramid building and the apex of Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge can be viewed from the park’s epicenter.

The mighty Transamerica pyramid
Situated beside the core of the Financial District, the Transamerica pyramid of San Francisco is an iconic representation. William Pereira, architect of the pyramid portrays the desirable silhouette for skyscrapers, provides plenty of air and light for the streets beneath through his architecture. Elevated to 260 meters, the Transamerica pyramid stands tall in the San Francisco skyline.

Streets and Parks
Known for being the most crooked street in the world, though it doesn’t seem to be, the Lombard street is located in-between the Hyde and Leavenworth streets. This street at one point has eight hairpin turns so as to reduce the natural steep slope of the hills. Previously an expanse of sand dunes is now the Golden Gate Park, a huge urban park filled with museums, ponds, windmills and a merry-go-round. Spreading across to 1017 acres makes it mission impossible to travel without a transport. Japanese tea garden filled with bright plants, lakes, bridges and Japanese style tea house never fails to attract its beholders.

The island of Alcatraz
Popularly known as the Rock, the petite island of Alcatraz serves many purposes of being a lighthouse, a military rampart and a prison. The prison has witnessed many tarnished criminals. The subzero water of San Francisco Bay made Alcatraz an inescapable venue. In the current scenario, this island serves as the most popular tourist alluring spot and a significant historic site.

Cable cars for a fun ride
The renowned cable cars of the world come from San Francisco that runs on three line across the sheer areas of Market Street and Fisherman’s Wharf. A travel through cable cars guarantees fun ride especially while standing on running board. Though unfeasible for daily use, many inmates travel regularly through them. On bustling weekends, there’s a huge crowd lined up for a ride to Powell Street. So grab on a ride instantly.

Best Running Shoes For Runners Who Are Heavy

Nike-Sport-Running-Wallpaper-Image-640x420Runners with heavy bodies are often at crossroads with their running regime for the purposes of fitness. Running can be an extremely beneficial method of exercise allowing the runner to shed those unwanted calories and the ugly fat. However, runners with heavy bodies, despite good technique and stamina, are often at a disadvantage compared to other runners. Even after shorter periods of time spent running runners with heavier bodies experience stress and pressure on their feet and knees. The impact is also felt on their shins and ankles leading to unwanted breaks in the regime.

Runners with heavier bodies quite obviously exert a fair amount of extra load and pressure upon their knees, shins, ankle and feet. This leads to those parts of the body getting tired much earlier than expected. As a consequence of early tiring out of one’s legs, the runners with heavier bodies are not able to attain as many benefits from a running workout regime as expected on a regular basis. There is one extremely efficient method to reduce the unwanted exertion and pressure upon the legs of the heavy runners-buying of a pair of shoes specifically designed for heavy runners.

Best running shoes for runners who are heavy can be purchased on online e-commerce platforms and also in offline marketplaces in footwear as well as sports equipment shops. These shoes are specifically and scientifically designed to ensure that the amount of force and pressure exerted on the legs when a heavy runner is running is minimized. They attempt at total shock absorption to provide hassle free running for the runners with heavy bodies. Runners who are heavy tend to exert more pressure on their knees through the soles of their feet while they are running.

A good pair of shoes absorbs a fair amount of the pressure that the runners exert on their feet. Hence the additional pressure, exertion, and force are not allowed to reach even the feet of the runner. This, in turn, leads to the final impact on the knees being a lot less than expected. This allows the heavy bodied runner to complete the planned workout regime with relative ease. Completion of the planned workout regime has various advantages on the overall health, fitness, and wellness of any individual.

Runners with heavy bodies also tend to develop knee problems during the latter years of their lives. As youngsters, the impact experienced by the knees during running is often ignored by the runner. Constant undesired pressure and load on the knees lead to several unexpected problems in the knees. This can be soft term pain in the knees in the early years. It can also lead to long-term diseases and disorders in knees and other parts of the legs. Even the ankles and shins are not exempt from the disastrous impact of running.

A good pair of shoes ensures that this unwanted pressure is minimized or totally removed. Hence the long-term health and wellness of the knees can be obtained if a runner opts for the best possible pair shoes with heavy shock absorption.

Detailed Review Of Brother SE400 Sewing Machine

Brother-SE400-ReviewBrother SE400 Computerized Embroidery Sewing Machine includes innovative, art and creativity for both the beginners and the experienced quilter. If offers complete sewing benefits. You can use this machine for garment, mending, embroidery, heirloom sewing, quilting, garment construction, craft sewing and much more. An additional port of this machine enables you to download the designs from your desktop. It is the combination of both inbuilt sewing stitches and embroidery sewing options.
In the inbuilt sewing stitches, you can find 67 designs containing ten styles of 1-step buttonholes.
A machine with a number of inbuilt stitches does not mean that it is better than the lower number of inbuilt stitches.
Having more stitches allow you to work on certain types of sewing easily. Using this machine you can create quilts, make a dress, hem your jeans, create bags, make paper craft sewing and also allows you to work with various types of materials. The different types of stitches include smocking, quilting, decorative, appliqué, straight, overcast, patchwork, heirloom and many other stitches. To know more about quilting process check the Quilter’s Review in online. The various users of the sewing machine shared the benefits and how to do quilting in online website

The embroidery stitches have seventy different types of stitches such as flowers, animals, plants, birds etc. You don’t want to worry that you are new to this process. You can simply start the process and this machine guide you through a step-by-step process to complete it successfully. You can check the total time required to complete each step of the process on the LCD screen.

You can use the inbuilt embroidery design stitches at any time as per your requirement. If you like to install any new embroidery designs by downloading it from the internet or buying the patterns through USB connection.

The Brother SE4oo model contains eight types of pressure feet. Under this option, you have three types of height settings namely regular up, extra up and down for slipping thick fabric material under the pressure feet. It has tons and tons of stitches, embroidery patterns, pressure feet and also latest sewing technology that ensures outstanding performance, easy installation and less prone to jamming and thread problems. It has a touch screen LCD panel to operate using your finger or the touch pen.

You must access the LCD panel for selecting the stitching type and the settings. You need to scroll the stitch pattern icon and press the option you want. It also allows you to save any particular stitch settings so that you can use it easily for any future project. The Brother SE400 machine displays you the essential pressure foot, length and width settings, whether twin needle is required or not for every stitching.

You can also access an on-screen help button that guides you bobbin, threading, winding, pressure foot alteration, bobbing loading and many others. The USB port connection permits you to add new embroidery pattern in the machine. In addition to the inbuilt embroidery designs, you can download or purchase the patterns which you like.